THE RIGHT TO VACCINE: Violation of the Right of Palestinians in The Occupied Territories to Get Vaccinated


The Zulat Institute for Equality and Human Rights is hereby publishing a report compiled in July-August 2020 by a team of multidisciplinary experts led by Dr. Carmel Shalev, which for the first time formulates a holistic approach to the plight of older persons during the coronavirus pandemic. The team consisted of: Prof. Rabia Khalaila, Dr.


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Human Rights Violations in Basic Law: Referendum and Its Expansion


FAKE PEACE – Netanyahu’s Deception: Remarketing Israeli Control of the Palestinians Under the Guise of Peace

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“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

- Rosa Parks


Dr. Rawia Aburabia 

Dr. Rawia Aburabia is a post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Law and the Women and Gender Studies program at Tel Aviv University. She completed her MA in international law at the American University in Washington DC, and holds a PhD from Hebrew University. Aburabia has vast experience in international law and human rights, appearing before bodies such as the UN, and serving on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International. She has published numerous articles in professional journals and is the author of the book “Ongoing Legal Exclusion: Palestinian Bedouin Women in Polygamous Marriages in Israel.” Globes newspaper named her one of the 40 most promising young Israelis.


Ron Kessler

With over two decades of experience in the field of digital content, Ron has participated in numerous political and social campaigns. He helped run the digital activity of senior public officials, and worked in various NGOs. Ron is a fundamentally optimistic man, who believes that Israel can be changed and so can people. Lives in Tel Aviv.