In the course of 2023, Zulat will hold a training program for journalists on the subject: “Arab Mainstreaming in the Israeli Media – Jewish and Arab Media Persons Promote Coexistence.

The Objective

The ultimate objective of Arab mainstreaming (similar to gender mainstreaming) is to promote equality by incorporating content pertaining to the needs of Arab Israeli citizens into the Israeli mainstream media. From this objective follow three complementary goals:

1. Promote the mainstreaming of the Arab public in the Israeli media in an effort to balance coverage and increase the representation of Arab journalists, their worldviews and life experiences.

2. Promote a shared civil society through a dialogue between Jewish and Arab media persons in order to get acquainted with “the other,” become familiar with their narrative, and be able to reflect it.

3. Make a positive impact on the public discourse by amplifying messages and language in the media that embody concepts of equality and civil rights. The program will also monitor the media for content, messages, and representation of various subgroups in Israeli society in an effort to raise awareness and bring about positive change in this area.

The Participants

Twenty-four female and male journalists from leading media outlets in Hebrew (Haaretz, N12, Globes, The Marker, Israel Hayom, Yediot Aharonot, Kan, Liberal) and in Arabic (Kul al-Arab, Kan, Musawa TV, Al-Ittihad,,

The Methodology

The meetings will consist of discussions and working groups, alongside lectures by senior journalists and experts in various disciplines.

The Instructors

The sessions will be co-anchored by a Palestinian and a Jewish instructor.

Abeer Halabi holds a master’s degree in social work focusing on gender studies from Tel Aviv University, and is a group lead and social activist in such areas as gender, equal opportunities, social cohesion, and transformational leadership. She was director of New Israel Fund-Shatil’s Shared Society program in 2017-2020.

Dr. Nava Sonnenschein is one of the founders of the Arab-Jewish community Neve Shalom. In 1979 she founded School for Peace and served as its principal alternating with Arab principals. She is a lecturer on Jewish-Palestinian dialogue at Tel Aviv University. Her book, The Power of Dialogue, was published in 2019.

Meeting No. 1: Tel Aviv, 14 April 2023

The participants got acquainted with the content of the course and its goals, and with the dialogue format and methodology. They met with Zulat President Zehava Galon and Executive Director Einat Ovadia.


Meeting No. 2: Tel Aviv, 5 May 2023

Binational and mononational discussions, with a focus on media coverage of violence in Arab society. A lecture by Prof. Daniel Dor, who specializes in mass media and political hegemony, on ways to change the discourse.